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Crash Repair Centre

Why Aston Workshop?

We have at Aston Workshop a fully equipped crash repair and restoration facility with skilled people, with the knowledge and experience that comes with having completed many major Aston Martin restorations to the highest standards.

There is no crash and accident damage, no matter how major, that we cannot repair.

We can accurately determine what has to be done to fully restore your car to as it used to be, and we have the experience and knowledge that enables us to negotiate successfully with your insurance company or, in the case of a no fault accident, the third parties insurance company on your behalf.

We can also organise the provision of a loan car, should you need one and ensure that you recover all the costs that you are entitled to. Some of these you will be surprised to know!! But as they depend on your particular circumstances, it would be inappropriate to mention all of them here.

Suffice to say that we are a one stop shop, experienced, capable, with skilled estimators to negotiate the best possible outcome, relieving you of the hassle and at the same time, giving you the confidence that you will have your Aston Martin returned fully and correctly repaired to the best possible standards.

Let us hope that the unfortunate accident never happens, but in case it does, know that you the customer are the focus of our actions. Ensuring that you receive what you are entitled to expect, is our mission and it is our job, unlike the insurers, to ensure that you come first, second and third.

We have the people, the knowledge, experience and facilities.

We won't let you down.

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